Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Event Organizers

Hi everyone,
I know this is a busy time of year, and we are all swamped with stuff to do. We are trying to get everything together for the festival guide in the next few days, and I may have already contacted you about this. It would really help a lot if you can get this to us asap so we can get a guide together for a January media launch. Sorry if you are receiving this for a second time.
We need the following from you ASAP - ideally by December 10 - let us know if this doesn't work for you.

1. Name of event or exhibit, time and date, location, ticket price, audience size expected.

2. Names of artists involved, with bios (or links to bios).

3. High-res image (or information on where we can get one).
A dozen high- or low-res images for Facebook event invites would be good too.

4. Curator's Statement that describes the work, exhibit or performance (be as SPECIFIC as possible) and...
answers the questions:
Why is this marginal?
What makes it unique?
Is it a first for Roanoke?
in 100 words or less.

We also need the following, nearly ASAP but not as immediately:

5. How would you classify this event (concert/exhibit/etc.)?

6. How many volunteers do you need?*

7. What logistical support do you need?
- Monetary budget
- Materials

8. Who needs to be acknowledged (sponsors, special assistance)?

9. How many artists are involved?*

* Volunteers will be receiving T-shirts and artists will be receiving passes.

Thanks so much :)

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