Thursday, January 31, 2008

Festival Documentation: Screening Schedules

Here are schedules for screenings that took place at the 2008 Marginal Arts Festival:

Video and Performance Screening Schedule
February 2, 2008

Scud Missle Song by Ralph Eaton 10 min 15 sec

The Un-Crucifixion by Ralph Eaton 10: 30

The End of Holyland by Ralph Eaton 27:16

Blocks by devon james Langston 3:05

VAAST BIN by Michael Peters 20:00

(untitled video performance) by Anon 50:00

(excerpts from the video paintings of Walter Wright
Monadnoch 2:00
` Philly & Lowell 2:00
Snow 2:00
Woheboro 2:00

Morphemic Clamor by Olchar E. Lindsann 45:10

Repeats from beginning till 7:00 pm

Film and Documentary Screening Schedule
February 3, 2008

Yorktown by Ashley Maynor 12 min 15 sec

The Vanished by Nathan Ross 15: 30

Twelve Movies by Suzun Hughes 35:26

Alternative Spring Break by devon james Langston 17:05

The Holyland Show by Ralph Eaton 22:00

Reality Check produced by Michael Nesmith 10:00

Waiting by Jason Abete 5:17

Soap Opera Sounds by Megan Scott 5:17

Men, In Uniform by Ashley Maynor 4:04

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John M. Bennett and DADA this Saturday at the Dumas Center

John M. Bennett, poet and curator of Avant Garde writing at Ohio State University, has penned a fascinating essay, titled, "The Blank Generation: An American Avant Garde."

Among other points, in this essay Bennett argues that, "new poetries and new fiction represent not just “games with language”, [...] but, gamy though they often are, these works are genuine explorations of alternative communication forms that are as linguistically meaningful as literature has always been."

If you'd like to read the full text, click here to download a PDF.

You also see Bennett in person at the DADA poetry performances and readings this Saturday, February 2nd, at Dumas Center for African American Culture, at 7:30pm.

There will a number of other artists as well, including T. J. Anderson, Olchar E. Lindsann, and Les Epstein. It's an event not to be missed!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Marginal Arts in the News

An article about the Marginal Arts Festival is in today's Roanoke Times. Check it out!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Marginal Arts in the Window

Window displays for the Liminal Gallery at the Center in the Square went up on Friday. Be sure to stop by and take a closer look!

This display, titled Threat Space features work by Scott MacLeod, curated by Jim Leftwich and Brian Counihan.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet the Artists: Respiratory Space

In the next week, we'll be posting about the artists taking part in this year's festival. For this first post, we'll introduce you to the artists behind the Respiratory Space exhibit.

Respiratory Space features work by four Roanokers who are employed as respiratory therapists. You can see their work in person at Speakeasy (108 Campbell Ave. SW) from January 26-Feb. 5. An artists' reception will take place on February 4th at 5pm.

(Photo of bear made by Denise Valente.)

TIM CARROLL: Tim graduated in 2005 from VCU’s Painting and Printmaking department with an emphasis in Lithography. Due to a lack of resources, such as a press, Tim switched mediums to work in oil paint.

Post-degree, Tim did not want to teach art so he researched a career change. Tim’s father was a paramedic at REMS for many years. (His father was also a failed ceramicist by the name of Chuck Carroll.) Tim discovered the career alternative of Respiratory Therapy while working at a print shop. In short, Tim said, “Hell, yeah!” to respiratory and enrolled in The Jefferson College of Health Sciences.

Tim works as a Respiratory Care Assistant and will graduate from the Jefferson College of Health Sciences in Spring 2008 with an AAS in Respiratory Therapy.

Tim has shown his art at the Anderson Gallery at VCU, the VCU Commons and several Bars, Salons and Coffee shops. He has also shown at the Studios on the Square in Roanoke.

JEFF SHEPPARD: Jeff grew up in Southwest Virginia and became a Journeyman Brickman out of high school. In his mid-20s, Jeff went to college to become a Respiratory Therapist.

Jeff has been a RRT for almost 26 years. He now works on the Transport Team, transporting neonates and children to and from the Medical Clinic here in Roanoke. As part of this work, he has traveled up and down the East coast from Maine to Florida.

Jeff started drawing 15 years ago and this hobby has continued to take up more and more of his time. In the fall of 2007, Jeff went back to college at Virginia Western Community College beginning his pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts. Jeff also plans on to transferring to VCU to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art.

DENISE VALENTE: Denise was born in 1975 in Malone, NY the daughter of a Psychologist and a Social worker and the sister of one older brother. She grew up in Niskayuna, NY a left handed child of divorce and remarriage.

Denise pursued a BFA at University of Buffalo, SUNY and transferred to Alfred University, School of Art and Design because Denise felt that UB was huge and ugly and cold and she just didn’t want to spend four years there.

Denise earned a BFA from Alfred in 1998 with a concentration in Painting and Ceramics. That fall, Denise accepted an Artist in Residence position at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Bucks County, PA. The following two summers Denise spent in Martha’s Vineyard making ceramic tile for functional installations with a friend. During this endeavor, Denise met her then future husband, Jesse Laplante, and began making the Muslin dolls that are being shown as part of Respiratory Space.

The winter and spring of 2000 Denise and Jesse lived briefly in Roanoke, VA before moving to Berkeley for almost four years. While in California, Denise maintained an artist studio where she lived. She also worked at Trax Gallery. The Sebastian Ward gallery later moved into the space and Denise showed her dolls and stuffed animals there. Denise’s stuffed animals were received warmly and Denise began selling them. While living in Berkeley, Denise was in two group shows in the 8th Street Gallery in Berkeley. Denise worked as the Manager of CafĂ© Fanny Granola until she decided to move back to NY and become a Respiratory Therapist.

Denise earned her AAS in Respiratory Care from Hudson Valley Community College, accepted a position in Roanoke as an RT and moved to Roanoke with Jesse in 2005. Denise maintains a studio in her home and sells her stuffed animals at the Roanoke Print Works in downtown Roanoke.

RANDY BAYNTON: Randy was born in Port Jervis, New York or New Jersey--he’s never been able to remember which. He has a degree in Philosophy from the College of William and Mary and also served in the Marine Corps as a Field Radio Operator in the Second Reconnaissance Battalion.

Randy has been a Respiratory Therapist for twenty-five years and currently works on the Neo-Peds Transport Team.

He has been married twenty-two years to a wonderful woman whose only fault is her questionable choice of husband. They have a twenty-year-old son who is attending JMU and is intelligent and good looking.

Randy has always loved art and has taken classes, public and private, in drawing and painting.

(Photo of bear made by Denise Valente.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quick Guide to When & Where for Festival Events

With so many events, it might be hard to keep track of all the Marginal Arts festivities. Enter Marginal Arts Fest Quick Guide and Google Map:

Click here to download a printable, one-page PDF with essential info for all the big festival events.

Click here to view a customized Google Map with all event locations, dates, and times.

Still have questions? Email Brian Counihan or leave a comment on this blog.

View Larger Map

Monday, January 21, 2008

Print-Your-Own Festival Posters

You might have seen some of these around town. If you'd like to print your own or view them in detail, check out our Flickr link on the blog sidebar or click on one of the images below:

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let the DADA begin

The Marginal Arts Festival is a grass-roots, bottom-up festival of art, sculpture, painting, photography, installations, film/video, performance, and music conceived of by Brian Counihan and inspired by the countless artists of the avant-garde who have consistently pushed the boundaries of what can/should be deemed "art."

With the support of Community High School and other local artists, the underground and marginalized arts will take over Roanoke from February 1st to 5th, 2008.

Stay tuned to this blog for event details, contributing artist posts, and documentation of the Star City's first fringe-style arts festival.